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Interview with DC Cordova


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  1. Hello. I’m a 3D CAD engineer as well as a translator living in Japan.

    It’s a very impressive interview. I was listening to that on Sunday night and I couldn’t get away from it until midnight. The most impressive part begins from the point where DC-san talks about her tragic experience as she was younger. Then she also mentions some great spiritual experience, which absorbed me pretty much because it overlaps what my partner & my kid used to tell me as spiritual experience they had just had during the time we were in a bad situation. (My family and I went through a time when we didn’t have enough food to eat & blankets to sleep with. We were depending on the welfare and a help from church.)
    Hearing what she was saying I felt close to her. (I have never been financially successful like her, though.)

    I understood that “changing your consciousness” is one of the most important components for an individual to be well-off in life. This should also be true with what Robert Kiyosaki is saying in his books, which I haven’t really got yet.

    This conversation is really encouraging for a man like me who is struggling in life. Thank you for sharing all this.

  2. Hi mikawa-san,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.

    Honestly this is what I really expected for people in Japan as a liaison between America and Japan.

    Although American culture is big different from Japanese, people in America are also experiencing very similar things.

    So I wanted to share this kind of “wisdom” with Japanese people to encourage them to do something going forward.

    I’m really glad that you like this audio. Someday in the near future, I will take DC to Japan to motivate people with her thoughts.

    Thanks again!


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